CR SERIES - Description

Mascot CR Series Hydraulic motor are radial piston type with rotating case . The case is mounted on stationary cylinder block by two main bearings. An even number of radially positioned pistons work in cylinder bores in the cylinder block, which also houses the inlet and outlet ports. Each piston is working against a roller beam. The cam ring anchored to the rotating case. The distributor directs the input oil to the pistons during the works strokes and returns the exhausted oil back to the tank. The distributor is coupled to the rotating case through safety fasteners.


High torques

Our CR Motor series is high torque low speed motor ,which can be mounted directly on shaft without intermediate gears. This provides many practical benefits which appeal to the users of the equipment.

Variable speed control

CR Motor can drive in both directions with variable speed by smoothly controlling the flow of oil in the circuit.

High efficiency

The mechanical efficiency as well as the starting efficiency is 97% . Because of the extremely low moment of interia the motor is virtually insensitive to shock loads,and protects the driven equipment.

Low speeds

Smooth , low speed performance from zero to rated speed without the need of reduction gears and no compromise on output torque.

CR SERIES - Technical Information


FRAME SIZE Displacement Torque Per rev Speed Rated Speed Max Max Pressure
METRIC Litres / 100psi Nm/bar RPM RPM BAR PSI
CR6.7 6.8 418 108 108 95 175 350 5000

CR SERIES - Chart Diagrams

Overall efficiency, 40cSt / 187 SSU Pc=12bar ( 174 psi)

Volumetric loss ā€“ 40Cst/187 SSU

The diagrams above shows the average values. When calculating volumetric losses using other viscosities, multiply the value given CR-MOTOR. verall in the diagram by the factor K.

CR SERIES - Technical Data

CR SERIES - Installation

Mounting Instructions

To ensure the motor work properly it must be installed with the greatest possible precision. Every item connected to the motor that does not meet the requirements of the following instructions may result in stresses that adversely affect the basic rating life of the motor.

The motor is normally filled with oil up to the shaft centre. If the oil tank is positioned above the shaft centre, the oil level will raise a corresponding amount.

It is recommended that drainage is arranged so that the motor is completely filled with oil. The motor must always be connected so that sufficient charge pressure is obtained at the low pressure connection. This is especially important at high speed and with rapid reversing. the drain port ā€œDā€ must be connected directly to the tank in order to avoid exceeding the maximum permitted case pressure.